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Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

We ask for feedback from each and every patient we see so that we can respond and continually improve our services. To see our results, click on the links below. More feedback will be added as it comes in.

If you are a patient or referrer and have something to tell us, good or bad, or wish to complete our online feedback questionnaire, please Contact Us.

  • Twenty patients were randomly selected by an independent reviewer* to give their opinions. This is what they said about Dr Hayee (score 0 - "definitely not"; 4 - "yes, definitely"):

    Question askedAverage response
    Was the doctor polite and considerate?4
    Did the doctor listen to what you had to say?4
    Did the doctor answer all your questions?4
    Did the doctor explain things in a way you could understand?4
    Are you involved as much as you want to be in the decisions about your condition?3.95
    Did you have confidence in the doctor?4
    Did the doctor respect your views?4
    If the doctor examined you, did he ask permission?4
    If the doctor examined you, did he respect your privacy and dignity?4
    By the end of the consultation, did you feel better able to understand and/or manage your condition and your care?3.95

     *Source: 360˚ Clinical

  • Feedback results will be published here just as soon as they become available. We will aim to publish every 6 months.

  • "I felt that the doctor listened carefully to my symptoms and his main priority was to make sure my condition was made better. I am very happy with the service I received"

    "He was absolutely amazing and most helpful"

    "Dr Hayee is wonderful and I feel that he takes a considerate and responsible approach to my health issues"

    "Very polite, good at explaining, very respectful"

    "The doctor relieved me that I wasn't imagining my symptoms and was thorough"

    "Very calm, polite manner and explained everything very clearly. A speedy and positive experience"

Commitment to Quality

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